WHat makes us unique


We do not offer meaningless exposure in little-read publications. We do not do silly stunts, lame photo opportunities, meaningless surveys, nor ever insult the intelligence of journalists.


We turn breaking news themes to the advantage of our clients, as well as devise and implement strategies that set the online, broadcast, and print news agendas: establishing interesting and worthwhile companies at the heart of the story and resulting social media conversation.


Our news angles go global and, for our clients, the work that we do:


-      Increases web traffic, sales, and engagement with target users

-      Helps to attract investors

-      Aids in the creation of new partnerships: strategic and commercial


We use the momentum created from news exposure to turbocharge traditional PR outreach…after all, it is exponentially easier to get a product reviewed or a CEO interviewed if their brand has already made the evening news or trended across social media.